16 - Week GED Course Lesson Plans

Week 1 - Introduction (Class Policies and Procedures)
Week 2 - Math Basics, Computer Intro & Fun, General Science 
Week 3 - More Math Basics and Quiz, Computers, Articles
Week 4 - Review of Math Basics, Our Solar System, preview of TV/Video Events
Week 5 - Catch Up Time/Multiplication and Division Basics
Week 6 - Multiplication Review, Division, Order of Operations
Week 7 - Division Review, Fraction Basics, General Science
Week 8 - Fraction Ratio/Proportion & Fraction Operations
Week 9 - Fraction/Decimal & Decimal/Fraction Conversions, Science
Week 10 - Percents/Percentage Problems
Week 11 - Measurements & the Metric System, Science
Week 12 - Mean, Median, Mode and Probability
Week 13 - Tables, Charts, and Graphs & Science
Week 15 - Mean, Median, Mode, Coordinate Graphs, Triangles, Cirlces, etc.
Week 16 - GED Practice Test Week

Where can I purchase the Steck and Vaughn GED book ... ?

ANSWER: You can purchase the GED book above at the WCCC Northwest bookstore, Borders bookstore,  for $18 - $21 plus tax.

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Where can I purchase the Casio fx-260 solar scientific Calculator ... ?


The Casio solar power type fx-260 standard scientific calculator.
[144 Functions][10+2 Digits][Solar Power]
Solar Power
Standard deviation
Permutation, Combination
Comes with slide-on hard case

ANSWER: You can purchase the Casio fx-260 GED Testing approved calculator (DO NOT GET ANY OTHER CALCULATOR than this one!) at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc.

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What is on the GED Mathematics Test?

ANSWER: The GED Mathematics Test has two parts. The combined parts take 90 minutes. Each part has 25 questions for a total of 50 questions. Of these, 40 are multiple-choice format and 10 are grid format.

In the grid format, you must record answers on either standard or coordinate plane grids. Understanding this format before you take the test is important. 

Each part of the test includes an equal percentage of questions on:

* Number operations and number sense
* Data analysis, statistics, and probability
* Algebra
* Geometry and measurement

The GED Mathematics Test assesses problem-solving and application skills in the higher levels of math, rather than just whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.

You will have access to a math formulas page for both parts of the test.

For Part I of the Math Test, you may use the Casio fx-260 Solar Scientific Calculator. The calculator is provided to you at the test site. You may not bring your own calculator. Although you are not required to use a calculator, it will help you work faster and possibly more accurately. After you finish Part I, the calculators are collected.

On Part II you may use only paper and pencil for your calculations.

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Is attendance mandatory and is it true that I will be terminated from attending the GED class if I miss class just 3 times ... ?

ANSWER: Yes, attendance is mandatory. You cannot learn this material unless you are physically on campus to hear the instructor teach the lesson plans. Knowledge takes understanding what it is you've learned.  Receiving and hearing from the instructor is the only way you are assured that you will understand the wealth of knowledge in the materials you receive. 

Strike 1, Strike 2, and Strike 3 you're out! Just like it is in Baseball, if you miss the class 3 times, you will be terminated from attending the class. Strict attendance will be maintained. If you are serious about this class and receiving your GED, then you will be serious about attending this class.

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Are Math and Science all that I will learn out of this class?

ANSWER: No, this is not all that you will learn. Math and Science are just the subject matters. In order to absorb and comprehend this knowledge and apply it on GED testing day, there are a host of other things students typically have to deal with. Sometimes students are so engrossed (into) these other things that it severely hampers and affects their ability to concentrate on GED materials and the learning experience.  Life challenges, studying habits, as well as test taking skills and preparation (rest, being on time, attitude) are just a few of the things you will be learning in addition to the Math and Science subject matters..

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How can I reach you Mr. Hunt?

ANSWER: Mr. Hunt can be reached by simply leaving a message at 1-877-295-4390 anytime or by emailing him at When emailing, please put in the subject line WCCC Student, GED Student, Adult Ed Student, etc. I will return your phone call or email as soon as my schedule permits.

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When can I take the GED Test and how much money does it cost ... ?

ANSWER: Mr. Hunt or the other GED instructors typically know if a student is prepared to successfully pass the GED. We will inform you if you are ready to go and take the test. Hopefully, all students will be ready by the end of the 16-week course period. The test is $30.00 for GED Students who take the test at GED Testing center located on Rosa Parks Blvd. All other testing centers range anywhere from $75 - $150. Only WCCC Adult Education students will get the special price at the Rosa Parks Testing center. 

Click here to see how to prepare for the GED. 

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Revised: March 1, 2006 .